Volume Control inside Roon

Hello everyone - im fairly new to roon. For the first time I tested it via a Matrix SPDIF into my Yamaha DAC into my Marantz. With this setup I had no Problems and the Volume Control in roon worked fine - means: I could turn up and the volume from my mobile phone or my tablet.

Now I switched to an Audio Analogue AADAC. So now the roon core (PrimeMini) is connected via USB directly into my DAC (AADAC) - so no need for the MATRIX SPDIF anymore - I bought the AADAC because it has a USB port so I can conncet the core directly to the DAC.

Everything runs fine EXCEPT I cant turn the volume up and down anymore via my mobile phone or tablet. When I’m using roon and I use the Volume Button on my phonr or tablet the display shows diffrent numbers from 1 to 100 and I can change them by using my loudness control on my phone or my tablet BUT even though the display shows the volume changes… the volume doesn’t change at all and stays at the same level all the time… so that’s kinda annoying because I really need the volume control via mobile phone tablet…

Thank a lot to all of you!

All the best - stay healthy and safe

Hello @Niclas_Muller and welcome to the forum.

Did you check with the manual/dealer/manufacturer support if your DAC supports USB volume control at all? Also from the web page I see that the DAC has a fixed and pre-amp mode. Did you put it in the right mode? It might be that the DAC’s volume control is not controllable via USB – this would then be a device limitation.

Information about Roon can be found in the help center. A description of Roon’s volume control modes can be found in:

Note: Not all options are present in every combination. If a specific option you’re looking for isn’t present, this means that this option is not applicable for your current setup.

Hey and thank you very much for your help, I tried both - put the AADAC in the fixed volume mode and also in the volume mode where I can control the DAC volume via a remote control - the problem I had with roon and the volume were the same in both DAC modes…

If your thesis would be correct… and the DAC doesnt have a controllable USB port it would mean there would be no chance to control the volume in roon via moble phone or tablet… this would be a really big pain in the a*$ for me :face_exhaling:

If “DSP Volume” isn’t an available option for you in Roon’s device setup, then this may very well be true.

would it be a option to use the matrix audio spdif 2 again and concent the roon server to the matrix and conncet the matrix via aes / ebu to my AADAC - could it be the volume control in roon would be usable with this imaged setup…?

If the Matrix SPDIF responds to volume change commands in your current (or previous) setup, I don’t see why he should stop to do so when you connect your AADAC instead/additionally. As you seem to have all the device at hand, just give it a try.

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