Volume control not working in HQP version 3.16.3? [solved, user error]

I just noticed that volume control doesn’t seem to work in version 3.16.3. Is it just me or is there a bug in this release ? I know this was fairly “untested” release to fix Windows update issues.

I get clipping upsampling 16/44 to DSD512 and nothing I do with volume seems to affect it. No change in audible volume level either…

Do you get this also with 3.16.4? For me the volume control is working. Do you have Direct SDM enabled? If it is, then in that case volume control is disabled for SDM output mode.

I just recently enabled direct SDM so that explains it.

Direct SDM and poly-sinc-xtr-mp-2s combination (DSD512/AMSDM7 512+fs) was causing the clipping. Not using that filter usually and no issues with other filters. Same issue with the latest release, but I guess that combination would just require more than -3db headroom that I understand now is “hard coded” when direct SDM is in use.

Thanks for the reply.

Edit. corrected used modulator.

DirectSDM just causes source DSD content to not be upsampled, is that what you were looking for when turning it on?

Yes it was intentional. I’ve been testing new dac/hp amp (iFi Micro iDSD BL)…