Volume Control Slider

Hello everybody,

when I group several output-devices I can Control Volume of each device by +/- - button of slider. Because slider feels more comfortable I always use this. Unfortunately there is no slider for all grouped devices. There is only a button to mute and the +/- - Buttons.
So could you please give us a slider in one of the next versions?


I wonder if this is practical since devices can have fixed, hardware or DSP volume. Even if it were possible to increase volume simultaneously, differences between systems means volumetric changes would not be the same room by room.

I used this function with the Sonos-App. Volume for every device can be changed by a slider, but there is also one slider for all devices. I often use this function. Changing volume of all devices simultaneously is possible in Roon, but only with +/- - buttons. I think a slider would make it easier :wink:

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Hi, I’ve moved this to the Feature Request category of the forum, where it will definitely get read by the Roon Labs team.

OK, thanks :smile:

I guess it’s achievable when the end-points are all Sonos, Bluesound etc.

Its more plausible with a closed hardware system like Sonos or Bluesound as they all operate in the same way. Roon is not a closed hardware system with disparate devices all connected but all have different features and settings in regards to Volume.

So I just want to control my Sonos system by Roon instead of Sonos app. This works fine. I group my several Sonos devices and volume control for all devices is possible, but only by +/- - button. So why not add a slider? It’s just an option to control volume of grouped devices whenever possible.

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Lol, that was one of the first reasons why I ended making my own Roon controller. It’s perhaps the most annoying thing about Roon, except for the zone drop outs. Push-and-hold (key repeat) would also be acceptable.

Oh volume is too high? No problem, let me just smash the minus button 82 times to fix that for you…

Hi everyone,

Is there any development here? This seems to be a very simple feature to be added to Roon. If you can lower or raise the volume by pressing the “+” or “-” buttons, there is no reason why you cannot have a slider. It is the same functionality, just an easier one.

This topic was opened in November 2018. We are now in almost April 2020. It is just a slider… Please, add this feature!!!

Thank you!

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If you look there are lots of feature requests that are much older with many, many more posts that haven’t gotten anywhere either.
I’m sure feature requests are read by roon as they say they do. But, mostly they don’t comment on them and mostly they don’t deliver them.
So by all means keep on reminding them but my thought would be to use it as means of stress relief than in expectation of delivery.