Volume control using a Toslink cable

Hello there,

I’m using Roon for a month now. Like it alot. Building for a better system ever day. I’ve got a DAC last week. It’s a Schiit Modi 3E. Yes it makes the system sounding better for sure.

I use a Toslink to connect my streamer Raumfeld Connector2 to the DAC. Just perfect. Only minor thing is. I cannot use volume control anymore. On desktop and on Android the Volume control stops working. Well it works, but has no effect at all. I have to use the control on the amp itself now.

When A/B testen with RCA cables and toggling between Toslink and RCA, it will work only when using RCA cables. What am I doing wrong? Or is this supposed to happen with Toslink cables?


You can’t volume control toslink. At least not on the source

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Thanks for your answer. Makes it clear. I Also tried a SPDIF. Same. I get it now.

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