Volume Control With OSMC or Flirc?

Looking for some definitive info. I have a Pi4 running RopieeeXL and I have an OSMC remote and a Flirc.

All I really want is volume control and was hoping someone can give me the recipe. I have installed and enabled the Extension by Harry @spockfish .

So far, I can only control pause/play, forward and back with the OSMC. DOn’t care too much about that and only need volume.

Any help is appreciated.


I use OSMC with Roopiee and it’s fine with volume. Your endpoint has to be able to be controllable however.

I use 2 of them one on a Lumin D1 zone and the other an IQAUDIO DigiAMP+ hat zone.

I have a FLIRC iR too but the OSMC is RF so can work without line of site.