Volume display on dcs bartok

Hi, i am trying out the usb input into my bartok from an innuos streamer. When i have this connected via rj45 if i change the volume via roon then i see the numerical display, however this doesn’t happen via the usb input. Any idea as to why this should be?

You are probably better off asking this over on the dCS community forum. It could be that their USB implementation does not honor volume control over USB.

Also, the preferred input on dCS gear is the network port. Even dCS will tell you this. And their Roon Ready implementation is exemplary. I can confirm that volume control from Roon does work propery with the dCS Bartok. So does auto-sleep/wake (which a lot of Roon Ready devices do not support).

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have posted on the dcs site, i think i’ll contact my dealer tuesday (not open on mondays).