Volume leveling for Playlist

Hello, I nomally have volume leveling set to off in my main listining area. When listening to a playlist of mixed albums/tracks I set volume leveling to auto. Later when listing to a single album I turn it off again.

Is there a way to store a volume leveling setting inside the playlist so that its turned on when loading the playlist and turned off when leaving?

If there is a feature of this kind I haven’t found it yet …

Thanks Mike


I think this is a grand idea, I only want levelling in playlists for casual listening so some way of just selecting this on the playlist page would be excellent, rather than having to go into settings every time.

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I support this one
I found myself always turning on and off Volume leveling several times when I have a listening session

It would be great to create a setting that automatizes this by choice from the user


  • set volume leveling automatically to on when listening to different tracks (1 track is different from the one that follows - this is to avoid VL turning off for one track considered as an album such as EPs)
  • set volume leveling automatically to off when listening to an album (2 or more tracks from the same album in the queue)

Let me know what you think

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Although this is an old topic I support this too. And I think this is a good idea for fading too. When I listen to a playlist or Roon radio i turn fading on. When I list to a whole album I turn it off.