Volume leveling with 24bit dac

Hello guys, sorry to open another topic on the volume leveling but I would like to know if technically I’m doing something wrong…

My dac supports maximum 24bit and I’m using volume leveling auto set at -14db LUFS. I have an huge library with about 6k albums of different genres and dynamic range values.

Obviously I selected the output in Roon at 24bit instead of 32bit…

Is technically correct to use -14db LUFS with a 24bit dac?

Thanks in advance

I do exactly that , I have 5500 albums

I am not sure the number makes a difference

Right or wrong it sounds fine

Number of albums is obviously not making any difference… I was asking more about the -14db LUFS and then the usage of a 24bit dac…

24 bits should give more than enough dynamic range to make any sensible volume levelling audibly transparent. You should be fine.

If you decide to test the theory, make sure you level match carefully…

Check out

It reckons YouTube and major streaming platforms use 14