Volume limited to 74% on Marantz SR7009 AVR via Airplay

Wondered if anyone has any suggestions about this?

Playing via Airplay to the SR7009 seems to limit the volume to 74% of the Marantz available total. I can manually raise the volume on the Marantz above that level but as soon as the volume is readjusted in Roon (either in Core or Android phone, even by just 1/100th of Roon Volume Slider) it immediately reduces the volume back to 74 max on the Marantz.

Settings in Roon for the SR7009 are
Volume Control: Device Volume
Volume Limits: 1 - 100 for Comfort & Max
Multichannel Mixing: Downmix as Needed, or Channel Mapping Only (either has same issue)
DSP: Enabled or Disabled (either has same issue)

Driving me batty. Any suggestions appreciated!

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Most receivers with airplay had a maximum volume setting for airplay to protect it from sudden 100% volume streams.
Look in the airplay settings of the Marantz. You should be able to deactivate it.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I was hopeful but unfortunately, no sign of Airplay settings in the SR7009!

This is driving me batty too. I have 2016 Denon and it behaves the same way. I don’t even remember facing this streaming to the apple TV in the past. Thanks for the post.


Hi, Sean

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Hope you have better luck with this than I did.
Don’t forget to let me know if you figure it out!