Volume problem after Auralic firmware update

Hi all!
Have a great problem after a (automatic) update to firmware version 4.0.0 on my Auralic Aries Femto. My situation: I go from the Auralic Aries Femto direct (digital) into my kii three loudspeaker using the ROON volume control.
Since the firmware update ROON always starts with 100% (full) volume. That’s a big risk for the health of my speaker!

Is it a ROON problem or a firmware problem? Made no changes in the settings (firmware and ROON).

I hope, I will get some advice

Sorry for my poor english

It would be fine, if you can have a look at this:

First big question: Is it a ROON or a Auralic problem?

Thank you!

Hi Chris,

I’m leaving a @support flag here for the Roon guys to follow this up.

Auralic users, do chime if you are using the Auralic v4.0.0 firmware successfully with Roon.

AFAIK (I’m not using any software volume control, only did a test when the issue was brought up on CA) there was a problem with volume control in the last 4.0 beta: as soon as you hit “play” volume set in Roon was always reverting to whatever it was set to in Lightning DS

this has been fixed, though, in official 4.0.0

I have a same volume problem after update to 4.0.0 on my Auralic Aries.

“When I hit “play” volume set in Roon was always reverting to whatever it was set to in Lightning DS.” this didn’t fixed in 4.0.0

Now I use Lightning DS, but I need some suggestion to resolve problem and use Roon again

I upgraded the Aries firmware 4.0.0 a couple of days ago, so far no problems have been encountered.

Here is the answer i got from Auralic:

Thanks for report back, we will try to resolve the problem in next firmware release.
Xuanqian Wang | CEO & Designer | support@auralic.com

Got no answer form my question if ther is a way to go back to vers. 3.3