Volume set to 0, transporter not silent

Hi there,

i cant get my transporter to volume 0 (silence). I can still hear my music playing with volume set to 0. Its far from silent. Also volume adjustments (-25lufs) doesnt help. With LMS and Transporter everything is fine. The Volume of the amplifier is fixed. Any idea why i get no silence (volume set to 0) with roon connected to transporter?

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Tried with my squeezeboxes. All the same. Not siltent when volume is set to 0 in roon player.

But here comes the fun fact.

When i set the volume with my squeezebox volume knob i can set it to zero as intended. When i changed the volume with the squeezebox i watched the volume slider in my android/windows 10 app. It shows the same numbers when i turn the volume up or down. When i set the volume to 10 with the volume knob it shows 10. when i set it to 0 with the knob it shows 0. But as soon as i change the volume with the slider its louder. Sounds like theres a +20 offset when i set the volume with the app.

Maybe i gonna add a video of that really strange behaviour.

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