Volume sync with Roon

Hi there,

trying out Roon (latest) on a Windows 10 PC (latest x64) that has an exaSound e20 connected via USB. exaSound offers a plugin for JRiver that syncs the DAC’s volume with the volume slider in MC. So I can adjust the volume either in JRiver or at the DAC itself and both stay in sync. Is that possible with Roon?
For now, I only found that I can use either “fixed volume” or “DSP volume” (which probably is Roon’s internal volume adjustment).


I asked the same question on the CA forum a couple of days ago: Exasound responded by saying it is not possible, primarily because of the nature of WIndows ASIO drivers not allowing volume control. Something was developped to counter this for JRiver but there is no plan to have it for Roon.

Synchronised volume control is possible with Roon over an Exasound DAC on Mac OS.

Thanks, I think that I found that comment by exaSound you refer to. I wonder if it is just technically not possible or if it is something that might be looked into -after all there is a Plugin for JRiver available.

I believe this is possible but requires both Exasound and Roon to speak and agree to allocate resources to do it.

That’r right, we will be discussing a solution to this issue with the Roon team.


Thanks, George. Is it possible to get a rough estimation on when this functionality “could” be available?

On another note: the e20 is not part of Roon’s “DAC list”. The e22 is the closest I am able to select. Could the e20 be added to Roon as a DAC?

Hi @George_Klissarov, chiming in to ask if any updates on my two questions above are available…

Any updates to share @George_Klissarov and/or @support?

Hello @Hans_Stahlhelm,

We do not have any new information to share at this time. My recommendation would be to reach out to Exasound, I have included a link to their contact page below.