Vorbis comment CATALOGID not showing up

Hi guys, I tried doing a search but could not find anything related to displaying CATALOGID from my flac files. I use MP3TAG to populate the CATALOGID field from DISCOGS which I assume corresponds to Catalog # in Roon. However, when I edit my album to prefer file data, nothing is displayed. Any ideas whats happening?

Roon will read catalog numbers from CATALOGNUMBER.

Have a look here:

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Thank you for this. I went ahead and mapped in mp3tag CATALOGID to CATALOGNUMBER and its still not showing up in Roon. Roon says that field is empty though I can verify its there.

Have you checked the tag’s written properly to the file? MediaInfo is a good tool to check.

Roon does read the tag if it’s there - I’m sure about it. Here’s an example:

Which gives me this:

have a try with “LABELNO” then … .works for me.
But CATALOGNUMBER should work aswell.