VPN access with Synology SSL VPN

I just wanted to give a short feedback, that I enabled Synology’s VPN Plus Server on my router (Synology RT1900ac) and it worked well with Roon. I was able to connect and play music over the connection.

I did not initially set it up to test it with Roon, but saw that Roon was connected incidentally…
Now I just need to read a little bit about this new VPN server by Synology and see if I can find some information regarding security. It was really easy to setup.
Unfortunately it is only available for their router models, yet. Maybe Diskstations will get it later (wishful thinking…).

Has anyone else had success with other (secure!) VPN options?
I had some trouble with OpenVPN due to my imported certificates. Otherwise that would have been my choice. I will look into it again when I am motivated and have the time… :wink:


I’ve found that Synology VPN works when client (VPN) network is set in the same segment as a home network. But when a network is different and routing is needed, then I’m unable to find RoonServer. It might be something with broadcast or multicast.

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Thanks for your feedback about this topic. I‘ll investigate and let you know when i’ve a solution

One additionel note:
I miss in “settings - general” the option : “accept connections from remotes”
How’s that possible?

That setting is only present when using the full graphical Roon app and using it as Core (‘all-in-one’).

Roon Server runs headless and accepts connections from remotes by default – there would be no means of controlling it otherwise.

For those interested, I have published step-by-step instructions for Synology router owners in the VPN: step-by-step thread.