VPN for Tidal through Roon

Hye Guy’s,
I’m unfortunetly living in a country Tidal do not stream . So a big advantage of Roon that support Tidal is simply not accessible for me .
Do you think if I suscribe to a good VPN I can use Roon through Tidal streaming ?

As far as I know you can sign up using a VPN connected to a licensed country. Once you have done that roon doesn’t need the VPN connection.

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They can notice that the credit card is not from the licenced country , do you think they can refuse subscription ?

You can pay through paypal I think.

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But then , once suscribed , can I stream via Roon from my country ?

If you sign up to Tidal using a VPN then use that Tidal account login to link with Roon [Settings / Services], even without a VPN going all should work with Roon.

Please sign up to the Tidal free trial first so that you don’t risk losing any money; if the free trial works as you want, all should be fine at the end of it.


Hye guy’s
Tidal is working quit good here with Roon without VPN
Finaly my daughter who is living in France suscribed for the free test period of one month for me .
I 'm just experimenting a low quality audio despite the format that is indicated by roon but that’s another problem the decription is done in a lower quality
May due to the 30 days trial period ?

When I’ m streaming a track from Tidal inside Roon , is the track delivered by Tidal or by Roon Server ?

Checking my network stats I dont see anything for Tidal or Qobuz so it must be routed through Roon from their sources. So Roon is acting as a CDN I guess. Could be wrong though.

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Sorry this is a bit late. Tidal do the 30 day trial for either their low res or their high res services. When you sign up for the Trial, you select which one you want. Perhaps your daughter signed up for the low res service? If so, that would explain why you’re not getting hires streams.

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My daughter changed the try period to HI , and now I have the good files
MQA and so on …
Thank You

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Hye @CrystalGipsy
I plan to add Tidal to my Sonos application too …
and to BluOS too (Bluesound Node 2i) application
I hope and gess it’s CDN too …

Just saw this Tidal offer: 4 months for £4. Why not use the VPN and sign up? After 4 months it renews at full price, but you could always cancel if you don’t want it. Here’s the link: https://try.tidal.com/spring?awc=17117_1589806605_64d707e1cc7e6245e57fa452730881bd&utm_source=AWIN&utm_medium=282949&utm_campaign=Global+Savings+Group&utm_term=Generic_TextLink

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