Vst3 plug ins with roon! How to

I need a step by step process in how to get these vst3 plug ins to work with roon.
I have a virtual cable to connect the 2 things together… I have a VST3 host to allow a plug in but getting roon to play to it is impossible…
What are settings in Roon that must be done to allow? Audio out is assigned to the virtual cable… But the VST3 host can’t see the incoming virtual cable.

Which host are you using? And which vb?

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I was trying it with various hosts, I got for free, but I don’t mind download and buying on your recommend, just want this to work out for me.

As far as cable(virtual) I used. VB audio cable A.

And of course as an output I need to send it to my dac.

I am sure there is a thread that covers this topic but I have not been able to find it.
If you are using a Windows PC then perhaps the attached image will help.

I have installed Voicemeeter Banana rather then Virtual cable. However, VB Banana still creates a virtual playback and recording cable, just a different name.
I have installed the Kushview Element VST host which is free.

The image shows the Windows Sound recording devices, with ‘Voicemeeter Output’ selected as the input to Element VST host. This input is shown in the VST host routing panel (i.e. all red boxes are the virtual cable)
Element VST host output is to the PCs speakers also shown in the routing panel (i.e. the green boxes)
I have selected an everb plugin between the input and output devices.

I hope it makes sense.

nb - the input and output devices MUST have the same sample rates, which can be defined via each devices advanced properties.

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Thank you dearly, will try today, I appreciate your help and guidance, and detailed response.