Wadia 151 USB not showing up on Roon Audio tab

Hi there,

New to RooPie ; installed it on a Pi 3, connected through USB to a Wadia 151 PowerDAC mini.

  • It was previously connected to a Mac and worked flawlessly there.
  • When I connect it directly to my Ubuntu 20.04 server running Roon Server, the DAC appears on Roon Audio, and I can play music.

When connected to RooPie, I can not make it appear on Roon Audio. Roon Bridge appears properly though.

Looked for a solution on this forum, and as a result switched updates to the Beta channel ; RoPieee updated itself yet the problem persists.
Sent feedback, id is 53c8c520309f2f2b.

Any help will be warmly welcomed.
Thanks in advance.


For basic audio support there’s no need to switch to the beta channel.

Anyways, RoonBridge detects the USB DAC, but it is not being discovered by your Roon server.
So I suggest you first investigate your infrastructure.

As a first step I would suggest to switch to a wired connection and try again.


My bad, indeed it was a networking issue, basically Roon Server and Roon Bridge in different subnets. Everything is working fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer.

Time to donate then !