Waking up an iMac running Roon

I am not sure if this is possible or if it is a new feature request, so please forgive me if I am asking in the wrong Category of the forum.
I have Roon running on an iMac mid 2011 that is now connected through Ethernet to my Devialet 250Pro (Thanks so much for the AIR integration!!).
So far I found this computer perfectly able to handle Roon as playback, convolution and up-sampling as I have one single zone, (well 2 if I consider the computer itself)
I am pretty happy with this set up apart a small annoying point, I cannot wake up the computer using Roon on my iphone/ipad. If this was a general limitation I could leave with it but what I find frustrating is that I can do exactly this using iTunes and the Apple “Remote” app. So I end up having to leave iTunes running just to be able use the remote to wake up the computer. At that point I can connect with Roon.
Is it possible to do differently?

These are my Energy Saving setting and they do work with the iTunes/remote combination.

Thanks and be feel free to move this post where ever is more correct


Hello Marco,

This thread covers similar ground, and has some suggestions:

Using a separate wake-on-LAN application from your iPhone/iPad sounds like the most straightforward option (at the moment).

Thanks Ian,

it seems that for now Fing will do the job, at least I can stop leaving iTunes open…


Yeah, there are a few iOS apps that can do it and it’s easy to setup. To be honest I can’t really understand Roons resistance in adding it - it’s such a simple feature, and not only would it be incredibly useful for many people, it’s a little more ‘green’ which is important in this day and age. The workarounds are ok but inelegant and cludgy.

Ok, not sure why but this is not working.

Once the computer has gone to sleep I can wake it up using Fing, after the necessary time that take to the computer to be awake I am able to connect to Roon with Roon remote on my iPhone but there are “no audio devices found”. As soon I touch the computer keyboard and the monitor light up, the Devialet is found on the roon remote.
Am i doing something wrong?



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Hi @Marcor ---- Thank you for the feedback! Just to make sure I am conceptualizing this behavior correctly, based on what you’ve shared.

You use Fing to wake up your Roon core and thus you are able to now see the core from your iPhone remote. However, your Devialet250 Pro does not appear to be active until you “touch the keyboard” on the iMac. Please do correct me if I am wrong :wink:

Moving forward, when you make the above observation, does the 250 appear to be “ready to go” or is it in some sort os initializing state as? Furthermore, I know you mentioned early on that the iMac is “connected through ethernet” to the 250. Can you please provide some more insight into this configuration for me.


Hi @Eric

yes, pretty much as you said.
I tested this procedure several time. I put the computer to sleep, wait until it is properly sleeping (no HD activity), wake it up with Fing, wait until is up (but screen is still off) and I am able to connect to Roon but no device are available.As soon I touch the keyboard the screen light up and the Devialet becomes available. (I tried this with the Devialet both on and in stand by, obviously if Devialet is already on I can play music straight away, otherwise I need to wait until it is ready)
One thing to mention is that my security & Privacy settings require the password after 15 minutes after sleep, however I tested the above procedure in within the 15 minutes so no password was required when using the keyboard.

Regarding my set up I will try to describe it as best as I can starting with hardware/network, then software and Roon set up
The computer is an
iMac 27 inch 2011
3.1 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
2TBSerial ATA Drive

The whole house is Gigabyte wired and this is the network set up.
The internet connection is a cable broadband up to 100 Mbps and is coming in with a Modem Cisco DPC3008, at this modem is connected a router NetGear WNDR4000 N750 Dual Band, Wireless Router, 450Mbps 802.11b/g/n, Ethernet.
The router I then plugged in the house network that use a LevelOne GEU-0820 Switch, 10/100/1000Mbps, 8-Port RJ45.
Computer is then connected to one of the house port that is connected to the switch.

The amplifier is a Devialet 250 Pro connected through Ethernet and AIR

I am running Roon 1.3 build 248 for mac, the music library is on the main 2TB disk on the iMAc, not optimal but so far has played without issues. The location of the library is on a shared directory at the root level of c:/

I have a total set up of 3 zones.
1st is the computer itself as Core
2nd is the Devialet Roon air implementation
3rd is my daughter MacBook pro end of 2015 13.3/2.7GHZ/8GB/256GB
As Roon remote I use roon app for apple product with my iphone 6 or a ipad mini.



Hi @Marcor ---- Thank you for the follow up and providing the requested feedback, both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, I have two questions for you. You mentioned the following:

“I tried this with the Devialet both on and in stand by, obviously if Devialet is already on I can play music straight away, otherwise I need to wait until it is ready”

When you go to wake up the core machine via FING, does the unit (250), EVER get to a point when it is “ready” or does it just sit until you interact with the keyboard/mouse?

Furthermore, you also stated that the 250 connects through “Ethernet and AIR”. Can you please confirm that you’ve tested with each of these connection types separately, and that the problem is still being exhibited.


Hi @Eric,

I am not sure I understood your first question so forgive me if I am not clear. What I was trying to describe in my previous post are two possible option.
Option A: Devialet has been completely shut down (no power) so I switch it on, wait until is up an ready then wake up the computer using Fing, at that point I can access Roon but I have no device available until I don’t go to the computer and use the keyboard.
Option B: Devialet is in sleep mode from a previous session, (this can be done by roon pressing the on/off button in the volume widget), I wake up the computer with Fing, I connect through Roon remote, no device available. Touch the keyboard, the device show up and I can wake up the amp using the above mentioned function.

To answer your second question, I did try the wake up procedure using the native Roon implementation but I also tried to launch Devialet AIR software and then launch roon. The AIR software show up between the device as expected but when I try to put to sleep and wake it up it behaves in the same way as the native roon air. I haven’t tried deleting the Roon devialet device and leaving only the devialet air though

As a test I tried to launch itunes and roon and put the computer to sleep then to wake up the computer using apple remote searching for my itunes library (instead than using Fing). Again computer was up, I was able to access iTunes library through apple remote, also I was able to access Roon core but again no devices were available. I could be wrong but I believe that in the past I was able to do this.
I also did another test, I used my daughter laptop to wake up the imac connecting to it remotely, the computer came up, I was able to access files and data but when I tried to use her laptop Roon remote to play music again no device available. I am pretty certain that in the past this was definitively working.

Hope my blurb is clear.
thanks for the help


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Hi @Marcor ----- Thank you for the follow up and the clarification, both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, I would to have you confirm something for me. Have you made sure your Devialet AIR driver is configured properly as highlighted in our knowledge base here?


Hi @Eric

I completely shut down air and disable the auto start at reboot. And yes on Roon I have the same diagram as you do have in the signal path.

Hi @Marcor ----- Thank you for the follow up and confirming that information for me.

Moving forward, the team is going to be doing some testing in house to see what we come up with, in regard to this behavior you’ve reported. I will update this thread accordingly once I have some more feedback. Your patience is appreciated!



I just tried the latest version of Roon and the problem persist. One thing I noticed but not sure how useful for your debug, is that if I wake up the mac with Fing and then I don’t perform any operation on it it goes back to sleep in the space of a minute or less.
No idea if this gives you any hint

thanks again