Walkthrough : Roon in a Docker container on Synology DSM 7

good idea. thank you again

Bingo. Rebooted and after one failed attempt was able to download image.
you get the genius award for the day!


another question if I may. Roon recommends running Roon Server on an SSD rather than a spinning disc. This has worked well for me in the past. Am I right in assuming the app, data, and backup files should be kept on the external ssd , or is this Roon implementation different from Roon server ?

The container-based approach is really just a strategy for running the Roon’s services in a sandboxed, self-contained environment. It’s independent of whatever type of storage medium you choose to store things on. If your setup allows for the storage of some combination of app / data / backup storage on SSD, then there should be no harm in doing so and that would be consistent with Roon’s recommendations.

I currently store everything on spinning media but if I had SSD drives, I would probably store my data files on them.

For what it’s worth, my primary Synology is an RS1221+ with 4 IronWolf 12TB drives in a SHR-2 config. Those drives each have 256MB of cache. There might be some benefit to going pure SSD but with fast drives and large cache, it’s hard to imagine that the benefit would be huge.

Running well USB attached SSD ( DS920+)
Thanks so much

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Hi Ron,

Can you advise how you get the Roon server software to install on external USB SSD? I tried to install it last night, specifically pointed the installation to be installed on the USB SSD, but it eventually installed the software onto my NAS (DS720+)'s spiining drives which is not ideal in terms of speed. When I was running DSM6 the software was installed onto the SSD and it was much faster.
Thank you!


Hi Rich. I’m certainly no IT maven ( expert). When I was running DSM 6.xxxx I added an ssd via usb. I then made a shared folder on the ssd through control panel. ( if I recall correctly, I had to format the ssd in DSM , but I’m not sure at this point) Roon installed without problems on my DS920+ doing an instal from package center.
Was the ssd recognized? If not, did you format it properly? I assume the ssd was large enough for the program?
I have since switched to a docker container running Roon as described by Greg Friedman in this community. I was able to upgrade to DSM 7 without any problems at all. Still running on the external ssd. I knew nothing about Docker containers, yet with the great walkthrough offered by Greg Friedman, it was a breeze .
Don’t lose faith. You’ll get there and be very happy , I am sure.



Hi, Richard. This thread is about running Roon in a Docker container. Is that what you’re trying to do?

The walkthrough in this thread has a section that describes creating app, data, and backup folders. Later in the walkthrough, you reference those folders when setting up the docker instance. If you want Roon’s software and data files to live on a USB SSD, then I think you just need to plug that drive into your NAS, make sure it’s formatted and mounted so that Synology’s File Station sees it, and then create (and later use) app, data and backup folders as I describe in the walkthrough.

Have you tried doing it this way?


Thank you so much for all your help. My roon is working on DSM 7. I appreciate it!!!

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Hi there, I’m considering to pass from Audirvana to Roon environment for my new Anthem AVM70 (yet to be Roon certified, so waiting).
I currently use a DS1019+ (DSM7) as an HD music server (up to multichannel DSF): would the Roon server able to run without any performance issue, in a docker environment?
Many thanks

I have two Synology + Roon environments set up. One involves a DSM that is less powerful than the model you have and it works fine. You’ll have to try it to confirm, though.

Please let us know how it goes if you do go this route!

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Meanwhile I’ve seen that runonnas.org has a (new?) BETA for DSM 7.
I’ve installed it remotely (currently I’m on vacation), 'cos it is quite easy vs a docker.
And - if it works - probably it should be better than a docker, shouldn’t it? (in terms of required performance).
The package starts, nothing to setup, except a couple of folders :slight_smile: but now I’ve to understand if I can test it remotely: do you know if I’ve to NAT some specific ports on my router/firewall?

Hi, @Gianluca_Meardi. I don’t have an investment in Docker vs. a package. There are tradeoffs between overhead, sandboxing, resource usage, usage governance, compatibility. Both approaches are viable. I’m glad to hear you have it installed and running!

I’m not sure if it’s possible to run Roon remotely. I haven’t looked but you might find other threads on the topic through search. Good luck!

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Thank you all so much, especially Greg and Steef. I’ve been on a long arduous Roon journey since I bought my KEF LSX speakers. Eventually drilling holes through walls to get ethernet directly to my speakers, only to fall at the last hurdle with the roon core disconnecting frequently on my Synology NAS. (it runs well on my laptop, but the laptop fan drives me bonkers).

Having run this docker install, the last piece of the jigsaw seems to be in place.

I’m now listening uninterrupted to “Stabat Mater: Choral Works by Arvo Part” @ 176.5kHz, 24 bit and it’s sublime.

Big love and gratitude!


You’re very welcome. Glad you got it working!

Upgraded to DSM7 on a DS218+ yesterday and used this thread to install Roon in a Docker container. On DSM6 I had used the installer from roononnas.org. I had no experience whatsoever with Docker so I was a bit nervous about it. But the installation was easy and everything works flawless. Very impressed by the work you all put into this. Especially to Greg and Steef: Awesome job! Thank you all very much!

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Incredibly dumb question, did you download and install DSM 7 BEFORE moving Roon into a docker package or after?

There are no dumb questions :slight_smile:

I installed DSM 7 prior to setting up Roon in Docker though I had a couple of other Docker containers running on DSM 6. I can’t think of a reason the installation order would matter, though.

Thank you. Do you have an opinion on using Docker vs the Roon package Chris developed?

I don’t. As I understand it, both approaches are viable.