Want roon radio and shuffle to ignore certain tracks

I have a folder of mp3 tracks dedicated to instrument practice. Backing tracks, scales, fiddle tunes, recordings of lessons and rehearsals, etc… I used to have these in iTunes (back when I used iTunes), and I just set Roon up to scan for these files on my server.

All good, but I don’t want to have them come up in a shuffle of tracks, or if Roon radio takes over. I know they won’t have a genre, so maybe they won’t really ever come up in Roon radio. But I could see possibly they might come up if I were to shuffle my library.

I don’t want to “hide” them, per se, but I want them to be “ignored” if I don’t specifically choose to play them.

(Maybe hiding is the best bet, and then just “unhide” if I want to hunt them down to practice.)

Thoughts, recommendations?

I think the easiest way to do this would be if they are in a different storage location than your regular music library , then you could just “disable” the location in Settings/storage. Then when you want to use them enable the location.

Another options would be to use focus to only show these files then reverse it (to filter out only these files) then create a bookmark for the view and then use that as your “main” way to play music. Hope that made sense. Its not quite as clean as using a storage location to isolate the files.

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Yeah, they are in a different place, which I had added separately. So keeping it disabled until I want to practice might be the best plan.

Ok, well, that was easy! Thanks!

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This may help as well …

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