Want to play live radio NPO Radio 4

Message saying ‘Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load’
This applies to all radio stations.
System: Rock on Intel Core I3 + Cocktail Audio X45

Is this a new Rock install? Were you able to play radio stations before?

Have you loaded ffmpeg? See this KB article.

No new Rock installed. Never been able to play radio stations.

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I read the article. Finally I have a file called ‘ffmpeg-git-amd64-static.tar’
I don’t see a storage directory. Do I need to connect an USB drive or similar?

No. Connect directly to your NUC via PC, MAC or Linux box using this network method.

And you will need to uncompress that tar file twice to get to the single ffmpeg file.

It works! Thanks a lot Brian.
I can also play AAC streams now which I couldn’t s far.
Regards, Paul

Excellent. Pleased it’s all working for you now.