Want to upgrade my hardware

Eric ;
setup has not changed
99% maybe 95 % of time it is great .
But - and i do not have the time to spend testing at the moment - it seems to be if i have been playing music for some time , say 4-5 hours it will start the "file loading slowly, and skip to next track. the time it plays each track seems to get shorter and shorter , hence my thinking of running out of buffering space ??. i may well go months without this happening. it could well be the laptop is doing something in background at that time , update, anti virus scan ,?
but - i must say 99% of the time it is great , but it can be very frustrating.

I do wish to upgrade my server hardware or new server, to run to run server 2016, and roon.
I see roon is releasing NUC with roon on .
So if i could, i would like to run thru with you my new server hardware,
Any problems with roon and server 2016 on same ssd OS drive?

Or, do i clean up old i7 laptop run and ssd and 8 g ram put roon core on to this , ( do i need windows/ or run your software lunix, or both)
Can i build a NUC as to your spec load your lunix software, load roon core , connect by LAN to switch and away we go?
How do i go about getting spec for NUC and lunix software. . this is what i am inclined to do.
Could you give me some pointers on how to get spec for NUC so i can build , software, and instructions to build , move roon core to would be great.
thanks again for you help .

Hi @paul_osullivan ---- Thank you for touching base with me and sharing your feedback.

You’ve mentioned the following in your response:

“i may well go months without this happening. it could well be the laptop is doing something in background at that time , update, anti virus scan,?”

Really the best way to move forward here would to be to try and eliminate some of these variables and see where things succeed and where they break. While this may seem tedious, with these types of intermittent results using trial and error is really the best way to zero in on any potential cause(s) of the behavior you are experiencing.

As for your other questions, I have went ahead and moved your post over to the “Roon Software” section of community as this really is the best place to get the answer you are looking for as other users can chime in and share their knowledge with you as well. I have also provided you a link at the bottom of this response on how to get started using the newly released ROCK.

As always if any problems should arise please flag us down and we will be happy to help.


FYI: Getting Started With ROCK

hi , i have upgraded to a ROCK;- Intel nuc i7 16 g ram, Samsung 250 ssd , and for the last few weeks running like a dream - fast ,stable, great. perfect album art , running highest setting now.
so i have Intel i7 nuc BYO kit / ROCK;roon core, lan into hp switch, lan to hp micro server, (win home server 2012,) which has music, plus other files stored , streaming to 2 locations ; - ps audio DSj, /sonos thru full networked ( lan wired house) streaming dsd, wav, flac, tidal, using the following controls; 3 pc/ laptops running win 7 pro, win 10 home, win 10 pro, smart phones htc 9 htc 10, sony xperia xz premium , sony tablet everything working fine- great.
no more file loading slowly.
thank you for all your help - NUC rock/roon core is the go.

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