Was Anyone Hoping that CD Ripping Would Be the Next Feature Enhancement?

Didn’t see that one coming, to say the very least.


Danny said it was on his TODO list a year ago. Do try and keep up at the back there! :grinning:


Interesting answer, but not my question.

Too many bugs on your windshield.

I would suggest that if you ‘didn’t see that coming’ despite it being on the todo list for a year it was your windshield that was covered in bugs :wink:

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Again, not my question. I would suggest you digest the (simple) question before responding.

It is what you said though.

I’m sure someone requested CD ripping as a feature at some point, so the answer would be yes for that person at least. Fairly simple.

EDIT: And for the Nucleus at least it is hardly a surprising feature request.

Well you’re closing in on the question. I’ll give you a hint. The key word was “next”.

Well it is fairly clear you just want to complain about it not being your favourite feature that was next so was trying to avoid giving you a platform to do so. But fill your boots.

Yeah you didn’t bite. But my aim wasn’t to promote a favorite feature. There are about ten features and enhancements that have been chronicled here (none of them mine) that would be of higher priority.

As someone else aptly pointed out, Roon users have already found and used a CD ripper. The marginal utility for most users hovers near zero.

Ah, I see, you are complaining about the fact that a CD ripper for the Nucleus got implemented before other things were done. Well, OK, it’s only applicable to a small group of Nucleus customers who want an integrated solution for their music appliance (and they do exist), rather like the Innuous products. And since it’s a hardware addition plus mostly third party software, it probably hasn’t taken an enormous bite out of Roon Labs own developer resources and schedules.

Personally, having a CD ripper on the Nucleus or ROCK-based NUC is not of interest to me, but I’m pleased that some customers have got something that they have been asking for.


Not a complaint, Geoff, just an observation.

I know you will lead the celebration when other customers get what they’re asking for too.

I was pretty shocked to see that rolled out relative to many priorities (that are not even mine) but more shocked to find it doesn’t tag. For a minute I considered going back to Foobar because it illustrates Roon has no intent to inter-operate in the wider audio ecosphere. It’s a bad message.

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I wasn’t hoping for any next feature(s). I purchased the software for what is does not what it “might” do. I like surprises.


It’s very basic feature…no tagging or naming of folder or tracks with anything useful, but roon can import the rip and find who it is and fill in the track details.

I guess Roon enjoy the margin on selling Nuclei (?) and it’s a tick in a box. Cant blame them for wanting to prioritise their hardware platform to some degree. I imagine it was a quick win too. Some of the other requests stinking up the place are likely to be a lot more complex, and risky.

Works for ROCK too

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I thought that was funny even if the OP didn’t… :joy:

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I put in a feature request for it for ROCK. Very happy its turned up. Makes it a more fully featured server now. I imagine they have different development branches for Rock OS and Roon server.

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The Roon app will tag ripped files on export - as any other file. The “lock-in” applies just to the already known rovi metadata license restrictions.

I do not understand this part. Is it when it is placed in the watched folder, then Roon identifies the file and then adds the meta-data to the database?