Waveform and Dynamic Range for Tidal (and Qobuz)

Hi @Emil_Kristensen,

I’ve moved your post into this feature request topic.

I know the Roon developers are aware of this request and have some enhancement features on the white board … however I do not know when they will be implemented.


Any update on this? It would also be great to see the dynamic range (which could be calculated at the same time).

A solution that does these calculations as you play is better than nothing, i.e. Roon caches a tune and if the whole tune is streamed it calculates waveform and dynamic range and stores in meta (might even be a global meta, that way it would quickly fill up and be usable). Or if possible, get values from Tidal (volume information is supplied by Tidal right?).

I just experimented a little, listening to a song on original CD from 80 and then a “Best of” from 2005 and the decrease in sound quality can be quite big. The version on the “Best of” sounded like a 128k mp3.

Maybe even base album selection on dynamic range, a DR4 DSD is going to sound crap compared to a 44.1khz PCM DR14.


I would love to have the waveform and dynamic range + track gain for streaming content as well. If these are store on Roon servers; why not create them during playback so they are available the next time you play the track. Of course the waveform could also be made visual for played content (what now turns white in waveform)

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+1 for waveform display for streaming sources. Plex does it for Tidal so it’s not insurmountable!
Given that the audio waveform is giving a fairly substantial amount of screen real estate, it is quite jarring visually to have a lovely waveform suddenly replaced by a very long boring flat line.


Wow, it’s crazy going back in time and see how long some features have been on the drawing board without any change… I have to agree it sometimes feel strange having paid $500 for Roon, when I see the competition pushing past for much cheaper. I still love Roon, but not sure I would have bought lifetime again today.

Please give me the waveform and dynamic range for Tidal! It should be easy to achieve if the constraint is the internet bandwidth to cache it first in current day. Or you can let user to enable/disable it depend on each user’s need.


I would also like this feature. As well as improving the pure looks of roon it is also very practical in scrubbing through songs.


So this request has been sitting here for years… Any movement? Any chance?

I notice Plex are doing this, but it’s hit and miss for Tidal tracks and requires the tracks to be played a certain amount of time by multiple userd for their cloud service to pick it up and create the waveforms and send it back to your server. So it’s possible but has its limitations. Not sure I want Roon to cache every tidal track to achieve this.

I expect if it was easy or even possible it would be done. I’m not sure it’s in Roon’s gift.

They could retrieve this data during playback… don’t need the entire track to be cached.

Waveform is one thing, I actually think dynamic range (R128) is way more important. Retrieve data when one user is doing playback; store in cloud and load for all other users.

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This is a heavy process to do on playback, not something I would want realtime and likely cause more playback issues. Plex is doing the same and it’s all done in bg overnight not in realtime.

When you start playback of a track or album; the cloud service of Roon could initiate this (put up a queue and make it available in Roon UI for endusers when DR/volum/graph is available). If you start playback of a Tidal/Qobuz album already in queue; the cloud service should know and ignore new queue request for this specific album.

Then no CPU load will be put on Roon Core locally, and it is all handled in the magical cloud :slight_smile:

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Sadly, there are a number of features much easier than this that have never been done, presumably because they are not considered to be of sufficient priority.

Roon being able to show the dynamic range value on the various library album displays is a really great feature so could we please see the dynamic range value for albums from Tidal and Qobuz. Thanks!

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Hi Ralph,

Moved yourr request to this thread.

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Still not available? :cold_sweat:

@Greg That’s fine but could you please edit the thread subject title and add “Dynamic Range” - Waveform and Dynamic Range for Tidal (and Qobuz).


Nice to have but nowhere near essential.

Yes we want this implement in Roon :grinning:

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