Wavelength DACs

I’ve got my headless Mac mini running core and getting ready to hook up my Wavelength Proton USB DAC which feeds my Shindos.

Anybody have advice on how I can successfully set up this DAC on Roon? There won’t be a built in profile for it…


Never mind…

I just chose the Wavelength Proton in the audio setup on the mini. Set the output at 91% per Gordon Rankins instructions. Then chose system out in Roon.

No big deal.

It certainly works that way but I think digital sounds better on a network instead of a direct connection.
I’ts a little more complicated but does not have to be super expensive. But then again, if you have Shindo, you are already pretty committed. I’m swimming at the bottom with Aurieges and Montille and am pretty thrilled.

Hi Stephen, Good to hear from a fellow Shindo devotee! I do love Wavelength with Shindo. But I wound up using my iFi iDSD Bl (so I can do high resolution, MQA, etc.) direct usb from the Mini. Roon recognized the iFI directly. Then I subscribed to Tidal through Roon. Have some 0/93s coming to replace the 3xls with the Masseto/Montille combo. Like you, happy as a clam. I’m interested to know… what do you use for your streamer/dac? Cheers, Jeff

Hi Jeff. I bought a Totaldac during lock down last year…its the cheapest model…D1-core. I am smitten…its the first time I have ever felt 100% engaged with digital. I use an Allo DigiOne Sig as a streamer. Coax to the dac. I went overboard and use a linear power supply for the Pi (probably overkill) and batteries for the spdif board (not overkill). Can I message you here and ask about the tubes in your Montille?

Thanks for the info about your streamer and dac…
Sure, you can message me.