Way to enable Sonos 24 bit?

(Leon Roy) #1

Seems SONOS supports 24bit/48kHz FLAC according to this:

I can see Roon converting streams to 16/48.

--[ SignalPath ]---------------------------------------------
SignalPath Quality = HighQuality
    Source Format=Flac 96000/24/2 BitRate=2673 Quality=Lossless
    UpgradeBitDepth FromBitsPerSample=24 ToBitsPerSample=64 Quality=Lossless
    VolumeNormaliation GainDb=-6.16473340155501 Quality=Enhanced
    SampleRateConversion FromSampleRate=96000 ToSampleRate=48000 Algorithm=HighQuality Quality=HighQuality
    Truncate FromBitsPerSample=64 ToBitsPerSample=16 Quality=HighQuality
    Output OutputType=Sonos Quality=Lossless SubType= Model=ONE

Is there a way to enable 24 bit output by messing with a config file somewhere in Roon?

(Alex) #2

No, this is not a limitation of Roon, but Sonos is not able to play 24 bit files. Only supports 16 bits. FLAC best practices (according to Sonos)

(Leon Roy) #3

@DeLub if you read the Sonos forum post I linked to you’ll see that since update 7.2 the new Flac library internal to the speakers can handle 24 bit files.

It’s unofficial but was curious if Roon has a configuration file I can edit and force 24 bit instead of 16 to my Sonos devices. Just out of curiosity.

(Alex) #4

From the post I learn mostly that this is an unsupported side effect from version 7.2 and that the forum members are wondering wether the extra 8 bits contain something else than “junk”.

But you’re right that Sonos apparently accepts 24 bit files. The question is: would this lead to increased SQ.

I cannot answer your question though: I’m not aware of a config file that can be hacked.

(Billy Kenny) #5

When I updated my sonos controller app on android last night I noticed there was an item in the settings menu that I never noticed previously.

The option was for audio compression. It was greyed out so I was unable to go in to the menu without doing a firmware update on all my sonos devices so I never bothered at the time but I will have to have a look when I get home tonight.

(Costas) #6

Looks like that’s for the Line-in on the speaker. The options are simply Automatic, Uncompressed and Compressed

(Billy Kenny) #7

Ah right OK. I was excited at first but I only use the sonos playbase in the living room for the TV and use the play 5 in the kitchen when cooking so I don’t do any critical listening.