WBBM News Radio Chicago. Can't add to Roon Radio

Not sure why, but it seems harder than it should be to add radio stations not listed in Roon. WBBM News Radio is one of them. Any ideas?

That’s life…

I’ll add the station (US only) to the database later.

I’ve added it.
WBBM Newsradio

Can you check please?

Found it and it works. Thank you!!

Since we’re at it. Here is a list of Chicago area radio stations that would be good to add. I’ve tried to add these but it seems that every radio station goes through a third party steaming service and getting that URL right has been impossible for me.

90.9 FM - WDCB - Jazz - https://wdcb.org/
94.7 FM - WLS - Classic Hits - https://www.947wls.com/
97.1 FM - WDRV - Classic Rock - https://wdrv.com/
720 AM - WGN - News - https://wgnradio.com/

Thank you for your consideration!

Ok,will do. It will take a bit longer than usual as there is a problem with adding new streams to Roon at the moment.

I’ll post when things are ok.

Should all be there now. Please check and sorry for the delay.

Not a problem at all. Greatly appreciate the help. Just missed one station: 90.9 FM - WDCB - Jazz

Thank you!

Ha ha! It was there all along if you had searched for WDCB, but it had been located on the East shore of the Black Sea.

I’ve moved it back to Illinois.

Sorry about that.


With Lake Michigan to the east, it perhaps feels like the east shore of the Black Sea but that explains why I could not find it within 100 miles of my location!

Thanks again. Very helpful. This case can be closed!


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