WD my cloud Username and Password


I just got a new WD my cloud through the door and I am trying to set it up as a network drive with all my music on it

When I try to add it as network share it asks me for the username and password of. Is that the username and password of the drive? As far as I can see there is not one

Or is it of my computer? Completely lost to be frank

I believe that is the username and password of your computer it is asking for.

Hammer, I think he is trying to use the WD as a “sort of” NAS just being connected on the network and not connected to a computer and then shared.

Hi David, can you post a pic of what you are using as a connection thread. You need to use SMB to connect. Some older WD MyCloud did not have SMB active and defaulted to AFP. See this old thread:


Thanks for your replies. Its the computer password that it wanted

I have a WD My cloud connected to my router via ethernet and getting Roon to see that as the storage for my music.

Thank you Hammer, Ive now connected it and am copying over my music.

Thanks all for your help

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