Webroot flags Roon Labs Community site as having malicious links

I think that’s an inaccurate categorization…

I would guess maybe because a user can post a link to an external website with maybe malicious content known or unknown to the users link.

That’s a good guess, but other forums, including reddit, have been flagged as trustworthy. I certainly don’t think reddit is as trustworthy as Roon! :slight_smile:

Regardless, as of today, the Roon Community web site and all of roonlabs.com have been flagged as trustworthy by Webroot. All’s well that ends well.

I sent them a “Url Reputation Change Request” 2 days ago, just to see what happens.

They replied today:

We have reviewed community.roonlabs.com and determined that it does not need to be changed at this time based on BrightCloud’s url reputation criteria.

It currently has a reputation score of 60 in the BrightCloud Service and available in Database version 4.881.

You can read our Webroot Reputation Change FAQs for more information on the most common reasons why your suggestion may not have been implemented.

Thanks again for your suggestion!

But apparently they did change the reputation… :slight_smile: