Weird WordPress message

Is anyone else getting this message box when they try to look at a thread on the forum? It just started happening and rebooting or re-logging into forum doesn’t change anything.

It’s a message from WordPress and web site handling, as far as I can see. I don’t believe it’s a virus. If it is Norton can’t find it. It’s just under FireFox, but as yet not on Edge.

What thread are you looking at? It could be an image request.

Yeah, you may be on to something.

Still, don’t get it. Is it because someone posted a specific image out there?
As everyone always says, “Nothing on my system has changed”. Certainly nothing since last night.

Do you have FireFox and if you do, do you have a problem with the thread I referenced?

WPEngine hosts Wordpress sites, but if I go that site I too get a password prompt. I suspect whoever has the site has made it private and Discourse is attempting to load the embedded resource. And yes, I use Firefox and get the pop-up when I scroll to the latest topics. It’s the postcard in @PixelPopper’s post earlier today: Solutions for hard floors.

Thanks for checking it out. I hate using Edge browser when FireFox gets screwed up.

@pixelpopper, how 'bout removing your post? Thanks.

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I’ve converted it to a hyperlink so it doesn’t auto-preview, does this help?

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Yes, that seems to have the difference.


Don’t know why FireFox and not Edge or Safari, but it isn’t the first time FireFox has been an outlier.

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This page clearly has resources at, which requires the authentication of cross-origin images. For some reason, in Firefox, image resources loaded from different origins trigger an HTTP authentication dialog. This could be down to (a) a bug, since it could be used in a phising attack, or (b) the way Firefox handles third-party cookies, preventing authorization.

Edit: I’ve removed the card–image instead–as I think (a) is more likely since the resources aren’t available from any broswer.

Impressively thorough analysis. What’s it like down in those weeds, brother? :laughing:

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