Well crap, everything works fine

I updated the apps, then the core on Linux. Not a problem at all. I expected everything to crater, my core to melt through to the basement of the house all the way from the upstairs, and my iPhone 13 to implode in my hand, causing 3rd degree burns.

Great job Roon Labs! Great job.

Just by looking at the forums, I thought I would have to take two days off of work to make it happen, but it certainly didn’t work out that way. I think it took me four minutes including some reading time.


Same here. Only thing I needed to do was reconfigure my HomePod Mini so I had stereo sound and port forward for Roon ARC. :grinning::+1:t2:

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Same here, manual port forwarding on the router (Cisco Meraki) and ten minutes later everything OK. I’m going tot test ROON-Arc this afternoon ! :+1: Roon

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