Well - It Happened Again

Just got home from being gone for a week. While gone, I noticed we got some huge storms and was worried about our TV’s and my Roon Nucleus that runs 24/7 as well as my RPi4.

So, first thing before unloading the car, I came in the house and turned on all three TV’s. All worked with no issues. Next, I turned on my Bose system and pulled up Roon on my iPhone. Bingo, no problems. Lastly, I switched zones to the RPi4 and Meridian Prime. Again, no problems.

Bottom line, this Roon Nucleus is simply a great device for running the Roon core software. Not to jinx myself, but 9 months with not a single issue. Great job Roon. Also, kudos Harry for the RoPieeeXL application.


Just edited what looked like something bad happened. Hope yr ok with that Jim

Always a good idea to unplug what’s not in use and isolate it by all removing all connected cables when away from your house especially if prone to storm in the area


@wizardofoz This is not something I’ve though about or planned for but is a question related to what you posted.

I have an isolated 20 amp breaker for the power to my media closet and the cable drop runs direct from the source to the media closet.

With that in mind am I correct in thinking I can turn the breaker off and disconnect the incoming cable and be totally isolated for storm damage to my equipment without unplugging power and Ethernet cables?

Yes, but I don’t do that and don’t want to do that.

2 years ago I lost an amp, a streamer, a video streamer a switch when a nearby palm tree took a direct lighting strike

I was unplugged from the mains at the time , it was the ADSL line arced back through the network

I wasn’t lucky even with due precautions, not being rude but …try living in Johannesburg :cry:

I’ve had strikes while away that took out motherboard, interface cards and drives too. It’s a risk, a direct building strike is going to take things out. I had a friend in England who’s house got hit in days of VHS and Cassette tapes and most tapes in the house were unplayable after that. Lightening is a nasty thing here in Singapore too. Often a nearby strike will trip my main breaker if it’s close enough. An air gap on the devices is as best you hope for.

Once you have been hit it might change your thinking if you lost equipment.

We are just about to start the season, virtually every day now for 4-5 months, isolation is a pain but as you a necessary one

Lightening took out my central air conditioning years ago. I live in Atlanta. We have storms.

They’re all fiends in England! :slight_smile:


Im sure they are not ALL fiends but I bet there a few more than one might think :wink:


That’s fiendish, if you don’t mind

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Excuse me!!!

I spent four years living in Bulgaria, and lost two routers to storms, but haven’t had any problems in the UK - touch wood.

And yes, pretty much all fiends over here :wink:

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We have to knock on wood here is the US.

Well, things weren’t quite as perfect as I described. Today when I cranked up my second RPi4 with Dragonfly Cobalt, it was working OK as far as playing music, but for some reason, the screen was not recognized by Roon. After some fiddling around, I rebooted my Nucleus and all is good again.

I hate computers, but they afford me a living…it’s a vicious cycle


I lost two TVs, an AVR, an Apple router and more in a lightening strike a few years back. My stepson, the electrician, says nothing available to a homeowner will trip fast enough or protect strong enough to stop lightening.

I recently had a backup generator system installed that included a whole house surge protection device at the power drop, about 60 feet from the house before the line goes underground. It is supposed to stop dangerous surges from entering the house from the incoming power source. Now I’m wondering if that would work fast enough to prevent any damage. I know it would not help with a direct hit on the house.

dont underestimate Mother Nature - if lightning can jump from sky tp ground aint much you can do to stop it but unplug your good stuff.

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Worse case scenario for me is a $1,000 insurance deductible.

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