Well, the wait for release 1.3 is over!

Just reading the email announcing 1.3 so now awaiting the update to hit my machine to see just what has made it into the first release.


just a heads up, 1.4 wont take so long to come out… we are going to move to a faster and smaller release schedule.


Should I start a 1.4 top priorities thread :slight_smile:

please no… those long threads are painful – id rather see a bunch of little feature request threads, 1 thread per feature

the long threads just result in lost features…


Just kidding. :slight_smile: looking forward to 1.3 and the DSP features.

Where is 1.3? Has it actually been released yet?

Don’t know about you, but I’m still waiting. Now more than ever :wink:

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Any mention of MQA is missing though?

Looks like I’ll be cancelling my dinner date tonight.

Realy looking forward to the detailed release notes.

Later update I think

YES!!! Very pumped for the Sonos integration!

I want my 1.3 (sung to the tune of Dire Straits "Money for Nothin’ "). Anxious for the update to kick in so I can see how it works with my Sonos gear. Patience, Toolio, patience…


As a noob…

How do updates happen… Will they auto download or is there some mechanism that informs me when I fire up room remote? Is this something I manually have to initiate?

( Currently using a headless Linux install).

They will auto-download, but you can always pre-empt the checking by going to Settings, and then click on the “About” text. This will check to see if there is an update available for downloading.

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What version will we get if we go to the downloads section and install the files from there? Will they be 1.2 or 1.3?

alas…I can verify that clicking on About 253 times in a row does not make the update come any faster…:slight_smile:


+1 - same here - It actually tells me “You have the latest version installed” after what appears to a moment while it’s checking with the Roon Servers.

Which begs the question about what version is in the downloads section…

I guess the guys didn’t press the release button yet :smiley:

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It’s at times like this I feel sorry for server farms

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