WERS Emerson College Stream has disappeared

I’ve listened to WERS in Boston for a while on Roon Live Radio. It has recently stopped working. I’ve tried numerous URLS, including a tunedin version:


I’ve tried to reach out to the station directly, but so far no response.
Any help would be appreciated.

Found a 64kbps AAC stream, try now.

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I’ve added one too.

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Yes. The new stream works. Thank you very much for your quick solution.

The WERS streaming links decided not to work today. After banging around, this very straightforward link does appear to work:

Hello @Paul_Kissman, I’ve updated the streams, try now. (and used a redirection form which should cover us in future)

Thank you @BrianW! That seems to have done the trick. Both WERS streams work.

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