Western Digital PR 4100 acceptable as Roon Server?

Hi everyone,
Just started my trail and very much excited about Roon. I currently have Roon installed on an i7-8700 Windows 10 PC with all the music on a WD PR4100 (24tb) NAS.

As per the NAS specs, the processor is an Intel Pentium N3710 1.6 GHz (Quad core) with 4 Gb RAM.
Do you think it will be adequate to run Roon Server?



Roon Core will be running on the windows machine not the nas…i doubt if you wanted it to run on the nas it would perform at all well if at all, if you have a large library.

Adequacy is a personal thing. The short answer is if you can gain console access to the Linux OS and meet other recommendations like SSD for Roon and perhaps putting the memory up to 8gb then it will be OK to simply serve Roon. Perhaps even with PCM upsampling. Or you could run. NUC alongside your NAS and not worry about what will work where.

Thanks for the feedback. Will plan accordingly.