What Are My Connection Options?

OK Jim :slight_smile: How would you than connect the below? My “problem” is that I have been running the Linn/NAS “world” for more than 10 years and I don’t quit understand the “USB world” jet - have to learn :slight_smile: THX

I would definitely connect the Nucleus by ethernet and probably the other device also. If you want to do multichannel, also an HDMI cable from the Nucleus to the other device. I don’t see why USB would be involved.

@Torben_Rick - I’ve moved your post from the original thread to a new topic of its own. It was off-topic in the original place, and seemed worthy of its own topic.

Personally, my answer to your question depends on whether the device you show is Roon Ready or not.

If it is, then you should be able to simply connect it to your Home network using the ethernet port. The Nucleus would communicate with it using the RAAT protocol.

If it’s not Roon Ready, then I would connect your Nucleus directly with an HDMI cable between its HDMI A out and an HDMI In connection on your device. The Nucleus is a silent device, so you wouldn’t be troubled by fan noise in your listening room.

@Jim_F - the “other device” would need to be Roon Ready for the ethernet connection to be valid. And although the Nucleus could deliver multichannel via HDMI, the device seems to be just a stereo amp.

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Or he could use some sort of Roon bridge, I suppose.

@Geoff_Coupe - THX. My Linn Selekt DSM Surround is Roon Ready.

The same goes for my QNAP HS-264 NAS - totally silent :slight_smile:

My ““problem””: It is hard for me understand what benefits I would get by investing in a Nucleus+ compared to my current solution - I would cost me 3X to go with Nucleus+.

If the SQ would improve than I would probably go for it :slight_smile: But I am not sure that it will?

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If you have a system that’s working, why change it?

I have a couple of Linn systems (Klimax DSM) with Roon servers (not Nucleus, but functionally similar). You connect them via Ethernet. Keep in mind that Linn Ethernet is a bit finicky, and the most reliable way to do this is to connect both your Roon server — your Nucleus — and the Linn streamer to the same “dumb” switch. Here’s what Linn recommends. My Linn dealer recommended these, which I connect with SPF fiber links to the DSMs.

Once you have the Linn streamer and the Nucleus up on the network, you need to go to the Roon remote Settings>Audio to activate the Linn streamer. Here’s a screenshot for one of mine:

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It won’t. A nucleus brings other benefits, such as support and turnkey setup. If this is not something you yearn for, and you are happy with you current setup, there’s no need to spend $/€.

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@Fernando_Pereira - THX :slight_smile: The Linn page (link): “This page was last edited on 9 August 2008” - a bit old :slight_smile: Your dealer recommendation is a manged switch - but I need a unmanged switch. Any other suggestions?

It’s unmanaged AFAIK (“fixed-configuration” in the specs), main reason I use them is to take advantage of the new Klimax DSM’s optical (SPF) ethernet. But I’ve also used these successfully.

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