What Are Realistic File & Data Limits For Roon 2.0 in 2022?

Still experimenting with a trial copy of Roon 2.0 build 1182.
TLDR: when does Roon 2.0 choke when working w large libraries?

What are the suggested limits for the number of files and or data for Roon 2.0 to operate efficiently? I say files or data cause FLAC can take more space than MP3 so I’m not sure which is a better metric.

At what point would Roon 2.0 start to lag and possibly get crushed by the number of files and data? For example when doing searches or other manipulations or queries on large data sets.

HiFi Rose, for example, has 4TB internal (though you could theoretically add more). I’ve heard of some user libraries exceeding 1-3 million tracks. Just trying to plan for future growth should I ever need it, before committing to the software.

Related to this is the question of whether its beneficial to divide large libraries into subdirectories. Would this help with database efficiency and searches?

Finally, my understanding is that Roon is also multithreaded at this point so it can take advantage of multiple computer cores. So there is less of a risk that it will max out one core and choke, yes?

6-core Intel (eventually to be replaced by Apple ARM)
MacOS 13.0.1 w 8GB RAM (willing to add more if needed in the future)

Thanks in advance for any insights

There is no set limits it will depend entirely on your local setup ensuring you have a capable pc of very good single core speeds, the Os you use, have plenty of ram, have local storage over NAS and good local network and how it all ties together.

One use on here had over 2million tracks and that pushed it very hard think he went back to using Foobar in the end but he did run it on a laptop where a more powerful desktop would be better. But even then that’s a lot of files to handle.

Files sizes don’t matter to Roon as it is really a database, it doesn’t care what your files sizes are. An MP3 and a DSD recording take up the same Database space. It is the total number of tracks in the database, number of personal edits you do, tags added, playlists, simultaneous endpoints, and the type of DSP processing you are planning on using that will affect spec.

Not at all. Roon doesn’t scan your file system when you do searches, it queries it’s database.

Roon has some functions which are, but, mainly it is single threaded, which is why getting a computer with a fast single core speed is the most beneficial. However, since Roon now runs the new MAC silicon natively, I’m not sure about that for that environment.

Well, how many tracks (not albums) do you have now? And how many do you add in a year?

Thanks for the replies. Eventually ripping 100s of CDs that I currently own. And just avoiding going down that path to encounter limits. Sounds like I’m being overly concerned. Thanks again.

edit: the comment about the edits, tags, playlists, etc playing a role is something I also didn’t consider.

There is no fixed limit, it all depends on your hardware. Search for large library, there are probably thousands of posts about it. Some people run 700,000 tracks on a Nucleus+ without problem. If significantly more, throw more hardware on it.

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It should be noted that since Roon 2.0 there is a dependancy on the Roon cloud infrastructure for searches. This means that as well as the performance of this being out of your control, the performance of your Roon hardware and network/internet setup is just one part of how Roon ‘feels’ to the user.

I have ripped around 2500 CDs (FLAC) and have another 1000 or so digital files mostly hires. I use a desktop - i5, 8gb Ram, connected by Ethernet to my modem/router that I only use for Roon and is not in my main listening room. My music files are stored on a HDD directly connected to the laptop.

The issue is not the size of the library so much as using some form of dedicated computer for Roon and good connections.

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