What are Team Roon listening to? [2022-11]

We all come on here for various reasons and I haven’t yet seen anyone ask Team Roon what they like listening to.

Take it away gang
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Please pass this on to the rest of the team as I can only mention 10 people (if you aren’t above, we still love you)


Hey @AMT,

How thoughtful to think of all of us and be interested in what we listen to :relaxed: . Thanks!

I’ll proverbially break the ice and share two albums I’ve been listening to over and over again: Behind Bars by the Civil Wars and Vance Joy’s latest album, In our own sweet time.

Not yet in the holiday mood :evergreen_tree:

Who’s next? :grin:


Very nice choice. I’ll share this with Mrs Menzies. The first song, ‘Don’t Fade’ is so heart warming to listen to.

Thank you for sharing.


@jamie I saw you like a post in the ‘Join our conversation with AudioQuest’ thread.

You’re next😁


Tool - Fear Inoculum has been in my rotation every week since it came out in late 2019.

Been listening to The Knife - Silent Shout a lot recently. Deep Cuts was a big release for me, but I totally got distracted with Karin’s Fever Ray project and totally missed this album.

Put on M.I.A - Kala today while making dinner… what a wild and fun album.

Right now, sitting next to the fireplace listening to Two Feet - Momentum, thinking about going to bed early.

Some samplers from above:


My top 8 of the week – lots of Tropicália thanks to some recommendations from @vinicius


Hi, @AMT, thank you for asking!

Recently, I’ve been mostly listening to Suede and Black Country, New Road recently. I also make monthly TIDAL playlists, here’s one for November – link :slight_smile:



Thank you @ivan @mike @danny for sharing your current choices.

@ivan greatly appreciate your playlist share.


I have seen quite a few posts in the usual music threads of Roon team members.


Hello @AMT nice to meet you! Thanks for bringing us together like this :slight_smile:

I’ve also contributed a playlist, Fall Acoustics, which you can find on your home screen under Playlists by Roon or straight from the Tidal link here

I’ve also been crowd sourcing some recommendations from our Instagram page (please add us if you haven’t already @officialroonstore ) and was given this lovely Nutcracker version and it’s taken over as my new favorite! So lively and fun, just as the Nutcracker was meant to be.


Hey @AMT! I’m happy to share - thanks for asking.

My listening is a bit all over the place, thanks to the reference tracks I routinely use for the Roon Store product reviews I write on our Blog

I’ve also enjoyed two recent playlists on the Roon home page.

…as well as a great playlist of Italian Library Music from Qobuz. If you’re a Qobuz subscriber, you can find it by clicking the Qobuz browsing tab, then Playlists, and Qobuz focus. There’s some amazing tracks in there.

The album I’ve played the most as of late is the new Super Deluxe Edition of The Beatles’ Revolver (my favorite Fabs album). I’ve also been digging some guitar-driven West African goodness, live recordings by The Killer Jerry Lee Lewis, the new Creedence at Royal Albert Hall, and Hendrix Experience at the L.A. Forum, firey drumming from The Planet Drum ensemble, and The 'Oo Live at Hull.


I hear you on this one. Very very good.

I’ll check out your other selections soon. Your fellow colleagues so far have extended my listening queue.

@AceRimmer & @Michael_Harris have gotten me into Rock-Opera. I thoroughly recommend Therion Beloved Antichrist and at just over 3 hours :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:

Many thanks for sharing with us.


I’m happy to share! We’re all pretty busy behind the scenes and don’t find as much time for music chat as we’d like.

My first exposure to Revolver was the US 8 Track version, which omitted a few songs and featured a different running order. The new mixes in the re-issue are very tastefully done, and the original mono is as wonderful as ever. They did a great job!


Nice writeup on the Meze 109 Pros. I’m in the process of looking for some new headphones. Your piece has made the choice even harder to decided. :grin:

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I’m listening to Arthur Rubinstein playing Chopin’s Nocturnes.
Beautiful, and though I originally ripped my CDs as Lossless MP3s, Roon played through my PC linked to Chord Mscaler and Toby TT2 brings the music up to a whole new level.


I love the Meze Classic 99s. Great for portable use too, as the heightened bass response cuts through the ttaffic noise. I wouldn’t walk in the rain with them, though!


Loving M.I.A., recommending Arular as well. The documentary and her videos are great too.


Hey @Sam_Laser, I couldn’t agree more! The Meze 99s are daily drivers here. The 99 NEO sounds exactly the same as the Classics but sports a textured synthetic earcup rather than wood, making it a better choice for on-the-go use. And, like all Meze headphones, they sound amazing.

Thanks Jamie. I might look at the Neo.

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Fair enough, it usually takes a good few years just to work out some of the time signatures on a Tool album. How they manage to play these things is quite unimaginable. :rofl: