What are the minimum requirements for a tablet (Android/iOS) to provide full Roon remote capabilities?

Is there any recommendation for a tablet that will provide full Roon remote capabilities, including DSP engine?
(vertical orientation is not a must, as I know it is only supported on the large iPad…)


From the KB: FAQ: What are the minimum requirements?

Supported Tablets as Remotes

Supported Phones as Remotes

Roon’s DSP engine runs in the Roon Core (as do all the other server features) so that’s that’s not a factor when choosing a table device for the remote … but is of course when selecting the hardware that the Core runs on. An i5 based Core is the sweet spot but if you a looking to upsample to say DSD256 plus room correction I’d suggest an i7 based system.

The DSP engine indeed runs on the core, but it can still be controlled and setup using Roon remote as long as the display is big enough.
According to Martin’s answer the minimum screen size for Android devices is 8”. For iOS devices I couldn’t figure out the minimum screen size requirements.

iPads run the tablet version of Roon, iPhones run the cut down “phone” version of the GUI.

I use an iPad Air 2, which I can confirm does allow access to Roon’s DSP options but only supports landscape orientation. For vertical you would the larger screened version of the iPad Pro.

How about the iPad mini with 7” display?
Will that support the DSP control?

Does Roon remote support kindle fire tablets?
The fire HD 8” is a bargain for price.

I don’t use DSP, but it appears I can access DSP settings on my iPad mini 2.

Can you please post a photo?

That’s what I use as a Roon Remote. Search the forums for it.

What do you mean by “full”?

On my smaller tablet Roon treats it like a phone due to screen resolution. It offers it a cut down menu and there are options that are not displayed.

I’m using the first ipad mini with retina screen, so a pretty old model. Works well, and provides access to all features

Roon remote will NOT run on the latest Samsung Chromebook Pro that is Android capable.