What are we listening to [2019]


Just discovered this phenomenal finger-picker. And seeing him in June :slight_smile:

(TIDAL 16/44)

You can get a feel for his talent here:

(Peter) #2395




Album: La Dôtu Lado
Artist: Coladera
Label: Agogo
Release: 2019





(Ged) #2400

A match Grump!


Haha, at last, Ged! Also one of my favourite Cave albums.

(Ged) #2402

Indeed. An amazing live act.


Absolutely! The energy and performance of both man and band (still) is amazing.

(Ged) #2404

Saw him at Glastonbury. The crowd was full of tweenies waiting for Mumford and Sons who were on after. He was amazingly loud and the MotherF*cker count was very high. Stagger Lee etc. I imagine some eyes were opened as to what rock n roll really means.


Oh I absolutely love that song and him performing it live. It’s not a Cave show without Stagger Lee IMO! :smiley:


(Wim) #2407



(Mikael Ollars) #2409

(Wim) #2410

(Tony) #2411

Nick Cave producing a lot of great soundtrack music . . .

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(Chris ) #2412

I really must get some sleep but Tamara keeps calling to me :joy:

You really must see her live, luckily we are seeing her again on Sunday…

Picture courtesy of our good friend Andy Sheard.