What are we listening to [2019]

(simon arnold) #908


They’re fantastic ! I have all their ep’s
Saw them live last week for the first time at Trix in Antwerp. They were playing a couple of new songs from their upcoming album and they sounded great! Very upbeat and joyfull. Different from their earlier work…looking forward to the release of their first cd

(Sean) #910

I’m late to the game. That’s the first track I’ve heard from them (thanks to Tidal’s “suggested new tracks”…)

You (and their new single) now have me hyped to catch up on all their prior work.

(Ged) #911

(Ged) #912

How times change, technology and attitudes to perverted old men
We could go on the hovercraft
Across the water
They’ll think I’m your dad
And you’re my daughter

(Ian) #913

Yasmine Hamdan “Jamilat Reprise”

(Stuart Brown) #914

Enjoyed this whole album muchly, worth a listen

(Stefan) #915


(Steve) #916

(Daniel Beyer) #917

(Andy Merrill) #918

Because I was there! And it’s now on streaming.

(Daniel Beyer) #919

I have seen Gabriel many many times, but this tour and the security tour were my favorites.

(Daniel Beyer) #920

(New Haven, CT USA) #921



Qobuz 96/24


(Kees van der Wal) #923



(Kees van der Wal) #925


(Stuart Brown) #926

Good call :ok_hand:

(Wim) #927