What are we listening to [2019]

(New Haven, CT USA) #928


(Ged) #929

A veritable cracker.

(Ged) #930

(Chris ) #931

Great song.

(Wim) #932

(Ged) #933

It came on roon radio but I’ve come out of radio mode and am listening to the full album now. Just added a little DAC to my laptop and “whilst in company” closed headphones. Lovely.


Lindsey had open heart surgery recently. Damaged his vocal chords, they’re not sure whether it’s permanent at this stage. Glad he made it and hope he has a full recovery.



Album: Pejačević: Lieder
Artists: Ingeborg Danz, Cord Garben
Label: cpo
Release: 2009


(Dick Vliek) #937

(John ) #938

(New Haven, CT USA) #939


Geddy’s Rickenbacker 4001 in Hemispheres Prelude brings me all the way back to that day in 1978…

(Kevin) #940

I’m screaming somewhere on that recording, too!



A haunting, trance-like folk debut from Chaimbeul, which reminds me somewhat of the Cornish band - Dalla - who helped establish the cornish-celtic dance/music style of “Nos Lowen”.

The Reeling is influenced by Bulgarian and Scottish tunes, played on the smallpipes, with contributions from Lankum’s Radie Peat, and Rona Lightfoot.

(Michael Reid) #942



Time is a monster (part two) -

(Andrew Cox) #944

Another find from Roon Radio.

(Andy Merrill) #945

Agree, It was special.

(Sean) #946

One of my favourite jazz bands teaming up with talented man.

Great jazz fusion. Best enjoyed with a couple subwoofers :grin:


(Ian) #947

Thanks for the reminder to listen to some Incognito! For me, Randy Hope-Taylor is up there with the best, most thoughtful and musical bass players.