What are we listening to [2019]

(Gerald Richardson) #1891


(Martin Webster) #1892


(Martin Webster) #1893


(New Haven, CT, USA) #1895

(Dick Vliek) #1896


(Robert ) #1898

I’d give Larkin Poe a whirl, but this album is not available on Qobuz or Tidal in the US.

(Henri Serton) #1899



(Scott Fletcher) #1901

(Martin Webster) #1902

May not be you cup of tea … but I thought it was topical with tomorrow being the first day of spring. Their most recent releases are on TIDAL/ Qobuz and are rockier. To get a feel for their earlier material search for Killing Time with Blair Dunlop. This has an excellent cover of Fairport Convention’s I’ll Keep It With Mine.



(Paul Bolam) #1904

Blimey, I miss Jackie Leven. I went to see him in Cambridge a long time ago. He was playing the Corn Exchange and, in between songs, he asked anyone to get him a brandy from the bar…it seemed everyone sat there without moving so I got him a double and took it to him on the stage.
Later on, he hit the Bar, recognised me and we had a few drinks to say the least!
‘The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death’ is my favourite album followed by ‘Forbidden songs of the dying West’

(Paul Bolam) #1905

(Chris ) #1906

Great story. My friend used to follow him in the band Doll by Doll. From there he followed his career closely and used to put him up often. I had burger and chips with them before the show I saw. The Ian Rankin book ‘Standing In another man’s grave’ is dedicated to Jackie and the title comes from a miss heard JL song title. Standing in another man’s rain. A great read and either title would work.

(Paul Bolam) #1907

Thanks Chris,
Am a fan of Ian Rankin and must read that book!

(Paul Bolam) #1908


(Paul Bolam) #1909

(Martin Webster) #1910