What are we listening to - topic poll [Withdrawn]

Hi all,

What are we listening to [2020]

You may have noticed that this year’s rolling topic is closed and now we have a second 2020 topic. This was not by choice but because it reached 10K posts and the forum software automatically closed it to avoid performance issues.

Ten thousand posts in nine and half is good going and the daily posting rate is growing :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s clear that having an annual topic is no longer viable and hence this post to gauge your opinion on how frequently each topic should run for …

At present posting rates each topic would grow to around …

  • Monthly - 1K posts.
  • Quarterly - 3K posts.

Vote now or Forever hold your peace :wink:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

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FWIW I think lockdown has made this year a high post count outlier.


I suspect that’s a significant factor for 2020, here are per year stats …

  • 2020 - 10000 + 178
  • 2019 - 7742
  • 2018 - 8164
  • 2017 - 5241
  • 2016 - 0817

Perhaps there should be a third choice in the poll:
Leave as-is (annual), with the expectation of auto-rollover if the thread 10K again in the future.

Unless there’s some additional search-ability / performance issue that I’m not considering. In any case, a favorite thread of mine for sure! :sunglasses:


No, it’s not that clear Carl. Of all the topics only 1 has ever reached the maximum count of 10k. Thus implementing monthly or quarterly threads across the board seems to make no sense. How would that work for many of the older threads?

I concur. :smiley:

Further, as stated above, lockdown appears to have played a significant role in the high response rate. So, for this reason, the status quo should remain unchanged and perhaps revisit this if it’s proven that lockdown has not created this anomaly.



We’re too lazy (well, me anyway) to alter the older threads :grimacing:, this is only for current and future “What are we listening to ?” threads.

Personally I prefer a longer thread as I like filtering by user (click avatar, second top right) to follow particular folks and a longer thread yields more results.

I voted quarterly, but would prefer to rollover when/if any future thread hits 10K.

There was some concern that a large thread might be daunting to some users. Does anyone feel that way or think it could be a factor for new users ?

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Thanks Andy,

Same - would prefer ‘as is’ & haven’t voted, that would skew results.

I don’t think it’s a factor for new users, in fact I feel the opposite. For new users, it demonstrates users’ love of music in a single thread, without the need to wade through various threads of the same topic.

It is true, however, that scrolling back 1000’s of posts was awkward, but as you say that can be ameliorated via filtering users.



I think that’s a fair point. I may be unusual but I like scrolling back and catching up on previous recommendations (often I’m months behind!) but then never end up adding my own as I’m too far behind and don’t want to lose where I’m up to in the thread.

Of course, I can use bookmarks/likes to help with this but it feels a bit clunky.

I had this problem when I started going through 2020s thread in June after a break from visiting. I took to bookmarking the link of the last post I’d read in my browser. I’d stop reading the thread each day when I exhausted my 50 likes…

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My choice would be an annual thread with automatic rollover.

With that in mind I’ve abstained from voting for the other two choices.

I’ve lost count of the number of great recommendations I’ve found on the thread. My plea is that you don’t mess with it unless absolutely necessary.


Quarterly. Split it into seasons to give it some temporal relevance and of course allow people to browse it after it is closed so suggestions aren’t lost.

27 threads and you have to post alphabetically.

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“If it 'aint, broke,don’t fix it”.I’m abstaining from voting as well,annual is the way to go.Apart from being a fantastically educative thread it’s also developed a wonderful community of knowledgeable and respectful participants.Please leave it as it is,unless there’s absolutely no alternative.


Agreed, I’m closing this poll and will set up an new poll with 3 options, in a new topic shortly.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, much appreciated.


Take two …

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