What are we listening to - topic poll

Hi all,

My first poll had an option missing … so I’ve abandoned it and started afresh. Apologies to those that had already voted, but this way give you the opportunity to reconsider against all 3 options.

What are we listening to [2020]

You may have noticed that this year’s rolling topic is closed and now we have a second 2020 topic. This was not by choice but because it reached 10K posts and the forum software automatically closed it to avoid performance issues.

As we popped the limit this year, and now have two topics for 2020 this prompted a discussion on how best to manage going forwards … hence this post to gauge your opinion on how frequently each topic should run for …

Ten thousand posts in nine and half is good going and the daily posting rate is growing :slightly_smiling_face:

As the rate of posting is increasing as Roon’s user base grows, it’s been suggested that it may make it easier to browse and might be less intimidating for new users who might want to join if the topic where periodically rolled over to a new one. If fact we started doing this, when the original single topic was split into annual versions you see today.

Please note that the closed topics would still be visible / searchable, there is no suggestion of archiving these off the forum.

Here are per year stats …

  • 2020 - 10000 + 246 (at time of posting)
  • 2019 - 7742
  • 2018 - 8164
  • 2017 - 5241
  • 2016 - 0817

COVID-19 / lockdown may factor in part for 2020 jump.

At present posting rates a period rollover would result in each topic growing to around …

  • Monthly — 1100 posts.
  • Quarterly – 3300 posts.

Here’s your chance to express your opinion, vote now or forever hold your peace :wink:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually (as today, and only rollover if necessary)

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I vote for option #4 - roll over at 10k and ignore time…

How about none of the above?

The forum architecture can certainly manage more than 10k posts

28k and counting on the Naim forum.


Yep, I was recently informed about that via PM and have let the Roon team know …

I’m awaiting their reply, upping the limit so we can a host a years worth of post in one topic is also preference and what I requested … which then raised the performance issue and subsequently wider discussion.

Wider discussion: This should be integrated into Roon directly on the Discover page. Suggestions from members including a comment section. All available in the user’s local folders or on Qobuz or Tidal would directly be playable. Maybe something for a feature request.


Hi all,

Following the discovery of that 29K post topic over at Naim, the Roon team agreed that the recommend limit / possible performance issues are over stated by Discourse.

Thus they have agreed to up the maximum post count limit and monitor the system’s performance to see how it goes as the numbers ramp up.

This has enabled me to reopen the 2020 topic and merge in the posts from 2020 #2 … thus we can continue with the annual topic as it was before.

Thanks for the all feedback.