What are you drinking now? [Pair with music for double points]

(Rene Bouwmeester) #1

Started here:

Suggested here:

Realised here:

Sláinte, @Sloop_John_B!

Feel free to join in and share the good stuff you drink while listening, all!

Qobuz integration again
(Geoff Coupe) #2

A glass of red. However, I’m not particularly impressed. I’ve had better Cab-Savs for the price…

(Martin Webster) #3

Whisky and ginger ale (Bushmills triple) but no ice. :frowning:

(John Aiello) #4

The Balvenie Scotch.

(Martin Webster) #5

I do love a Speyside.

(Frank Berens) #6

Always Coca Cola Zero with a slice of lemon.

(Mike) #7

Nearly done with my 2nd bottle of this:

Not today, of course :innocent: but a pour will probably be in order this evening once I’m back from dinner with @danny and @Ludwig.

Cheers all! :beers:

(Ludwig van Marbach) #9

You’ll need it after an evening with us.


Bourbon cannot be distilled in Michigan.


Lupicia’s Orzo, caramel and honey tea. Sounds weird, but tastes so good it should be illegal.



(Sean) #13

It’s rather sad I know but just H20 for me at midday at the moment … :weary:

Soon to be topped up for another round of coffee.

Any points for the mug though? :grin:

(Martin Webster) #14

English Breakfast Tea … happy first day of Spring!

(Frank Berens) #15

I want also that mug, is it available in the webshop? :slight_smile:

(Sean) #16

Hi Frank, yes indeed, I got it from here:


(Ludwig van Marbach) #17

I see a hotel espresso in my future.

(Johan) #18

Lavazza espresso, lots of it, the real Italien stuff!


Johnny Walker Black w/splash of seltzer


Yummy! :grinning:

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