What are your favorite DSD setting? Using a DSD only Lampizator DAC

I’ve just purchased a used Lampizator Euforia DSD only DAC for a second room and it sounds very good. Wondering what DSD settings people prefer? I’m using the attached settings.

I prefer SRC to be minimum phase slow roll-off while SDM is set to 5th order, no CLANS. Set parallelize SDM to ‘ON’. The effects are more relaxed and less harsh sounding when converting 16/44.1k to DSD. I still prefer DSD64, it tends to have ‘analogue’ like feel to it.


I use the same settings with my Lampizator, except I have SDM gain adjustment set to - 3.
I read somewhere that this was something about headroom.

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You should have parallelyze sigma-delta modulator on

Tried all the settings from above, and will be using those for the time being. Running at Processing speed: 4.2x, so no strain on the I5 processor.

This is an amazing DAC if you are only using a computer as a source using DSD up-conversion. It beats every other DAC I’ve heard in the $2k price range, beats many over that price, and gives much more expensive DACs a run for their money.