What are your favourite music theory tracks?

When you’re trying to remember how a diminished seventh modulation sounds or describing a cycle of fourths to someone, what songs/tracks do you use as a mnemonic or to illustrate the point ?

10cc of course:

[A]I bought A [Ab]flat
[Abdim]Diminished responsibili[E]ty
You’re de [D9]ninth person to [C]see
To [Bsus]be sus[B]pended by a [A7]seventh [Amaj7]major
It`s a [Am]minor point but
By the [G#+]sharpness
Of your
[C]See what I’m going through
[A]Eh, to [B]be with [E]you
In A [Ab]flat
By the [C]sea


For a textbook descending circle of fifths:

||: I – IV – VII – III – VI – II – V / :||

Try this:

Purists may prefer Ms Gaynor’s version, but this one has a much better bass line.

And, of course, the most famous track in 5/4:

Well, certainly in the top two:

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