What country do you live in and what genre of music do you listen to most?

United States

Austria here
Baroque, Classical, Singer-Songwriter, Jazz, …

folk, singer songwriter, indie, prog

Brazil, with a few months of every year in Canada.

Jazz, folk, country mainly. A smattering of just about everything else except metal.

Jazz, Classical, Alternative Indie, Avant-Garde, Trip-Hop, Electronic, and a lot of everything else except metal and most hip-hop.


Everything, but mostly Jazz and World

Quebec ,Canada
I listen mostly to European Jazz, Jazz, classical, and whatever is good.
No metal, no rap.

Japan…I listen mostly to Jazz.

England. Mostly classical, with lots of Eels.


Metal, Prog-Rock and Electronic

I live in the US and listen primarily to Jazz and pop singer-songwriters like Leonard Cohen, Melody Gadot, Peter Gabriel and ALWAYS A LOT BEATLES!

Boston, MA USA, and I listen almost exclusively to classical.

Boston, one of my favorite towns.

As a child, I lived for awhile in Ipswich.


That was two different declarations. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ipswich was a non sequitur, I guess. Although there is a spur line into Boston from Ipswich.

Nova Scotia, Canada. I listen to Jazz, Rock, Prog Rock, Jazz Fusion, Folk, Singer Songwriter, NuJazz and anything else good.