What DAC do you use with Roon? Please list make and model and price

(Chris ) #22

Meridian MS200 to G61R.

(Anders Vinberg) #23

Meridian 818v3 as a DAC driving Bryston headphone amp,
also driving DSP8000SE which contain its own DACs
MS600 into G61R which contains DAC
MS600 into Bel Canto DAC 2.5
Geek Pulse Xfi (to be connected to SonicOrbiter when it arrives)

(Bart Verhoeven) #24

Totaldac d1-dual


Resonessence Labs Concero HD
Resonessence Labs Herus
Stello U3 with AES/EBU to Lyngdorf TDAI 2200

(Páll Silvan ) #26

Primare Dac 30

(Mark) #27

iFi Micro iDSD with Shiit Valualla headphone amp
RPi IQAudio DAC+

(Andrew Cox) #28

Auralic Vega
Mapleshade Clearlight USB (+5 v blocked)
CuBox-i NAA

Edit: The variety in this thread is very interesting. Makes me realise that despite the Support issues that crop up the most amazing thing is that it generally works.

(Michael Fletcher) #29

Sennheiser HD 600 with CH 650 S Balanced Cable

(Jeff) #30

Weiss DAC202 by FireWire to MacMini

(Peter Hafkamp) #31

Bedroom : Meridian Explorer2 + NAD Viso HP50
Living Room : Musical Fidelity VDAC II + Marantz SR7008 + KEF R900


Resolution Audio Cantata MC

(Rene Bouwmeester) #33

Living Room: Pi/Digi+ w/ Aqvox LPSU > coax > Meridian DSP 5200
Headphones: Cubox HQP NAA w/ iPower PSU > USB > iFi iDSD nano > AKG 550
Bedroom: Cubox > optical > Meridian F80

(robo) #34

Main: NUC > Naim DAC-V1
Remote: laptop > Audeze Deckard > EL-8

(IAN Bourne) #35

Wadia 322 DSD DAC
Transparent Gen 5 USB Cable

(Rob) #36

PS Audio Directstream, fronted by an Uptone Audio Regen, Curious Cables (or Transparent.) I generally run with HQ Player.


Whatever Roon device-> streaming over airplay -> Moode Audio on Raspberry Pi 2 with Hifiberry Digi+ -> Toslink -> Ayre Codex


Custom ESS design and Schiit Yggdrasil, both via USB.

(steve) #39

@Sloop_John_B - great question John. This is potentially a great community resources. People can refer to it to see what works.

Myself, I’ve got a Musical Fidelity MX DAC USB connected to a SonicOrbiter SE in RoonReady mode. Though sometimes I switch the SOSE to HQ NAA mode, and fire up HQ Player. Both work great.

(Rick Ford) #40

Roon–>HQPlayer–>NAA–>iFiMicro IDSD–>Red Wine Audio Isabellina just using as headphone amp for now. I’m looking forward to rebuilding a speaker system after selling it all before my move to Mexico…

(Anders Vinberg) #41

Wow, talk about diversity. Hardly any unit with even two votes!